If you have determined to make the efforts to follow a strict diet to lose weight, you must be confident and expect to see the results very soon, but you must have patience as the accumulated overweight does not go overnight. However, it is possible that even if your decision is final, you may not be able to achieve the expected results simply because of committing a few minor errors that work against the overall performance and affect negatively. Here are five surefire tips to get off weight without risking your health while helping you lose weight steadily.

1 – Add Protein in Breakfast

One of the typical mistakes that people make who start a diet is skipping the breakfast, thus, they will hungry in the morning and eat anything they come across, in addition to not eating enough calories to start the day. Well, if you do not skip the breakfast, make sure it contains not only carbohydrates but also proteins. The reason is simple: on the one hand, the proteins have a satiety effect and you will not need to eat for three or four hours, avoiding undesirable eating snacks between meals; on the other hand, you decrease the burden of carbs, which are indispensable to a good diet Secret of Venus Factor program

2 – Have Snacks with You

By midmorning and mid-afternoon you will feel like eating and you eat the first thing you see, probably not the most suitable for your diet. So you are to be careful enough to take healthy snacks like fruit, protein bars, cereal bars, etc. with you to avoid ingesting excessive calories.


3 – Decrease Carbs

As the day goes by, your metabolism slows, which means you burn fewer calories, which in turn implies that our weight loss turns out to be difficult. If you feed your body with more protein and fiber in your meal and let carbs for breakfast and lunch, you are actually forcing your body to shed the extra weight.

4 – Don’t Be Hungry for too Long!


A basic error in the diets is starvation. You will not achieve any results if you stop eating. Sooner or later you will have to do it, and most likely you know a binge. To avoid this, eat at regular intervals, do not skip meals or overly reduce carbs or else your energy levels will drop dangerously. This factor plays a crucial role in your diet and its result.

5 – Incorporate Vegetables at Lunch and Dinner

The vegetables are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals with dietary fiber and can improve your diet and quality of life. You can eat a lot of vegetables without worrying about the calories as they don’t be a cause of weight gain away unless you overdo them, which almost has no chances.